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This service was developed as a consultation center for cases of sexual exploitation and digital violence conducted by nonprofit organization PAPS. In order to preserve evidence, it is necessary to share information with lawyers, counsellors, and law enforcement agencies. Due to the need for a system that ensures safety without acquiring personal information, this service was developed. Currently, it is open to the general public.

Regarding commercial use

Please use this service within the limits of the terms of use. In particular, be considerate as excessive access, such as through advertisements or mass email sending, may hinder the usage of other users. If excessive access is detected, access may be temporarily restricted. Additionally, for load reduction purposes, shortened URLs cannot be used when embedding images in HTML.

Validity period of issued shortened URLs

At present, there are no specific restrictions. However, shortened URLs that have not been clicked for one year after registration may be subject to deletion to conserve resources for other users and for the allocation of the URL string.