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Choose a Reliable Service: Opt for reputable URL shortening services with a history of reliability and security to ensure that your links remain accessible and trustworthy.


In the “shorten your link” section, you can copy and paste the URL you want to shorten, and then click “Shorten” to obtain a shortened URL starting with ““. It’s free to use and easy to operate, making it popular among many users, including those on Twitter. However, with free registration, you can only analyze access to up to 50 shortened URLs, but the measurement is not entirely accurate. Additionally, access analysis only shows the “total” and the number of clicks in the last month; there is no feature to generate reports specifying periods.


“TinyURL” is a well-established URL shortening service that has been operating since 2002, managed by TinyURL LLC in the United States. With over 20 years of service, it offers a sense of reliability and trustworthiness. One of its distinguishing features is the ability to create shortened URLs without the need for user registration. However, it does not provide click counting or access analysis features. Therefore, it is convenient for simple URL shortening needs without additional analytics requirements.

You don’t need an account to use TinyURL, but signing up for an account allows you to view the history of all your shortened links. If you require features such as tracking, analytics, branded domains, and the ability to edit each TinyURL after creation, you can also subscribe to a paid plan. In fact, for simple needs, there’s hardly any need for it; it’s available for free. Paid plans start at $12.99 per month and offer the use of your own branded domain.

“” not only generates shortened URLs but also provides access to analytics features and generates QR codes. However, while the URL shortening feature is available for free, access to the analytics feature requires subscribing to a paid plan.


“00Min” is a URL shortening service operated by Prime Minds Co, Ltd. With “00Min,” users can generate shortened URLs and QR codes using the “00Min” domain without the need for user registration. Furthermore, by signing up for a free account, users gain access to features such as customizing shortened links (limited to unused strings) and access to analytics functions. is a service operated by the nonprofit organization “PAPS” that allows for easy creation of shortened URLs and QR codes. By accessing “,” users can generate QR codes corresponding to inputted information such as text, URLs, or phone numbers. Settings such as QR code size, format, and color are also customizable. QR code generation is free, and users can download and utilize QR codes as needed.

“” is a recently created URL shortening service. By accessing the website and inputting a long URL, a shortened URL containing will be generated. However, since operational information about the service is not disclosed, caution is advised when using it.

Short URL

ShortURL is a well-known URL shortening service internationally. By monitoring the hit count from the URL using a click counter, it tracks statistics for businesses and projects. The shortened URL string is appended to It offers detailed analytics, API access, UTM builder, QR codes, browser extensions, and integration with apps along with support.

Free URL Shortener offers a fast and simple URL shortening service. It is adopted by organizations such as the United Nations, NBA, PayPal, and Volvo. The shortened URL is appended to Additionally, you can create QR codes and obtain detailed analytics.


BL.INK is a paid URL shortening service with full functionality designed for both small and large businesses. It can be used to track traffic from links.

The dashboard displays trend links and common statistics, while the analytics page allows for detailed examination of traffic by device, location, and referrer. There is also a drill-down feature to aggregate click counts by time frame for more detailed analysis. By using tags that can be added to shortened links, you can track link traffic related to specific campaigns. Additionally, with dynamic links, you can send links to various locations based on factors such as location, user device, and even time and day of the week.


Zapier’s URL Shortener allows you to automatically create and save shortened links, with over 6,000 apps available. This includes tasks such as adding photos to Instagram accounts or uploading new products to Shopify stores. Zapier can save shortened URLs to Google Spreadsheets or send them directly to another app.

N9 Free Short URL

N9 Free Short URL is a free and easy-to-use URL shortening service. The shortened URL will have the string appended after Additionally, you can also generate QR codes.